Sacred Valle Hotel - Cusco

The Sacred Valley of the Inkas

The Urubamba river, called "Willcamayu" or "Sacred River" by the Incas, run approximately 100 km from Cusco to Machu Picchu and beyond. Alogn its green banks and fertile slopes, the rulers of the Inca state built their summer palaces and places of worship. Our lodge is only minutes away from the salt pools of Maras, The Inca agricultural research centre of Moray and the impressive terraces of Pisaq, which overlook the lively traditional arts and crafts market in the colonial village of the same name. At the far end of the valley, the majestic Inca ceremonial site of Ollantaytambo, together with the original street plan of the Inca town that surrounds it, offers both casual visitors and scholars of Inca history a unique glimpse into Peru's fabulous past.

Its varied geography endows the valley with a rich ecosystem capable of sustaining crops ranging from tropical fruit to potatoes and corn, as well as native fauna which includes hummingbirds and llamas. Our guests can enjoy these many delights by private vehicle or on foot, in the company of our expert local bilingual guides.

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