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The typical markets of Pisaq and Chinchero The local valley markets are open on Sunday Tuesday and Thursday. Originally they were just for local produce but they have grown to include Peruvian handcrafts, jewellry and textiles, with stalls existing side-by-side with the traditional produce market where local people still trade their agricultural products.

Maras The salt mines at Maras consist of about 3000 small pools of about five square metres each. Several salt water springs emerge from the hillside, and in the dry season they are channelled to the pools using the natural gradient. This process is repeated every three days and the water evaporates leaving behind the salt, wich slowly solidifies. It takes about one month for this process to form a 10cm layer of salt. The salt is then packed into sacks to be sold in the Cusco region`s local markets.

Moray At Moray the Incas built a series of agricultural terraces in the form of a circular amphitheatre about 150m in diameter. Moray was a centre for agricultural experiments and recent research has shown that the different levels of terraces represent the many different microclimates of the region, and that temperatures between the terraces vary greatly. Using this technology, the Incas used Moray to domesticate and acclimatize the hybrids of wild plants which they created. Almost 60% of the vegetables consumed around the world today originated in South America. The people of the Andes developed 3000 varieties of potatoes and 60 types of corn, as welol as many fruits not seen beyond the bounds of the old Inca state.

Ollantaytambo The Village of Ollantaytambo retains the original street plan of the Inca town, making it the only surviving example of Inca urban planning. Visitors can see the agricultural areas around the village, the irrigation system, granaries and the magnificent fortress-temple built by the Inca Pachacuteq over five centuries ago using expert stonemasons from the Colla culture around Lake Titicaca. Ollantaytambo is the gateway to Machupicchu and only a few minutes from our Valle Sagrado Lodge. It is also the point of access for the peasant community of Willoc in the fertile Patacancha Valley, where travellers can experience the traditional way of life of locals and even buy their unique weavings.

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